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Breakfast for most of us includes a cup of coffee and a snack to go with. Some may carry it for work using a flask or a coffee container. It has become a culture for humans to take coffee and there is a huge increase in coffee stores as well as shops. Coffee is a beverage used all over the world. It has even led to people producing espresso machine to catch up with the demand for people wanting coffee. Before we get our own coffee espresso machine we tend to rent or use our neighbor’s whom we pretend to borrow something else like a phone charger. My neighbor is like “welcome, would you like a cup of coffee?” I am very excited and I take advantage of having a great cup of coffee from the Krups xp4000. The coffee is smooth, strong and sweet.

This espresso machine is so great that it does not make coffee but also have a variety of other drinks you can make from it like cappuccino, chocolate and you can brew even tea. The other amazing thing is that it has a warranty of two years and in the case of any faulty issue. Cleaning the machine is very simple and safe. The good thing is that it only requires being cleaned twice in a month. It only requires water and soap for cleaning. The espresso machine is a great investment for someone starting life, college or in an internship position. It is generally affordable and safe to use. It is heavy and very compact which makes me feel that the machine is of good quality and it heats up drinks really fast. It also makes a fantastic latte and the froth on the milk is just awesome. I would recommend one to check the espresso machine reviews online and consider buying one.


Let’s be honest, stainless steel cookware is not cheap. However, I think that it looks great in any kitchen. It can really give it a classy look and keep the kitchen looking “fresh”, age less in other words. Investing in stainless steel pots and pans was one of the best things I have ever done. Now, instead of buying new kitchen cookware every other year to keep my kitchen looking modern, I have been able to achieve a classic looking kitchen.

I did not rush into buying my cookware. Just like so many other ladies I was working to a budget, and knew that I could not afford to go above it due to other home renovation projects which I had in the pipe line. Finding the best cookware set reviews and ratings in 2015 really helped me out, and I was able to make my way around the maze of different cookware on offer.


The question is, should you buy your cookware online or in a store? There seemed to be a lot of offers around both online and in our local stores. I am a person who likes to touch stuff, so I did go around the local stores after having read the stainless steel cookware reviews. It was kind of interesting to be able to discover the quality for yourself but using the reviews as a back up all of the time. Personally I found that this helped a lot.

Once back home and armed with details of the store offers, I started checking out online offers. The majority of the offers available online were better. I found that I would be able to pick up a better quality cookware set for the same price as a budget one from a store. This is the main reason I decided to make my investment within an online retailer.

It is important to understand what you want from a cookware set. I made notes of what pots and pans that I needed, and that helped immensely as well. Looking at all the different sets and offers, it is really easy to get carried away. They all look amazing, however, you need to make sure that they are going to work for you in your kitchen.

Making sure that I could add individual items to my new set was another factor that I kept in mind. Yes, the set that I picked was great, but I knew that I would be adding more pieces to it in the future. That is why I decided to go for the best offer on a quality cookware set that could also offer me more than just the set. Individual items can really make your stainless steel cookware set special. Taking some extra time to choose the perfect cookware set for my kitchen was the best thing I did. Now, I have already started to add other pieces from the manufacturer and my collection looks really great!


As a busy mother of four growing boys, I most definitely have my work cut out trying to prepare and feed them nutritious meals. One family staple I have to admit is rice, as it goes with absolutely everything. However cooking a lot of rice is time consuming and as I work full time, I find that most evenings are spent in front of the stove. I knew that there had to be an easier way to cook rice and after talking to my other mom friends they suggested that I buy a rice cooker, as this would save me time and energy while making the perfect rice. However I didn’t have a clue about what type to buy. There are just so many out there.

This was when I started to look online for different brands. I was surprised to find that there was such a huge selection scanning all kinds of budget. While browsing the many different makes and models that were on screen, I just kept asking myself, what is the best rice cooker that I can afford. I also wanted a fairly big rice cooker to feed the whole of my family, so I limited my search to a 20-cup rice cooker. I also set my budget to a maximum of $50 to see what would come up.

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Well I found several highly rated rice cookers with positive customer feedback. The first was by Aroma that was made from stainless steel, this cost around $36. The second rice cooker I found was by Black and Decker and this pristine white cooker with a white lid cost $33. The final rice cooker I found was by Hamilton Beach and cost $36, this was also encased in a white outer shell.

All of these rice cookers function in pretty much the same way and are priced similarly, so I had a bit of difficulty in choosing one. In the end I went for the best large rice cooker, simply because it is very affordable and had good ratings, despite it not being stainless steel.

So, I am very happy with my sparkly new rice cooker. You too can find the perfect rice cooker to meet your individual needs. Just look online and read up on what customers have to say.


Kitchen knives are very important tools in our kitchens. Cooking involves cutting some ingredients into small pieces which you cannot accomplish without a knife. However not every knife is suitable for kitchen work since some become blunt very often while others cannot be used for long.

People have used steel knives for several decades as they thought no other material could perform better than steel. This perception has continued to date but through experience I have realized that ceramic is a superior material.

I have used both steel knives and ceramic knives in my kitchen. One of my friends introduced me to ceramic kitchen knives and I have no regrets for ditching my steel knife.


Why I prefer to use ceramic knives

Once I sharpen the knife, its edges remain sharp for much longer. I use it without minding when the sharpening guy will come to my neighborhood. This was not the case with the steel knife that lost its sharpness a few days after sharpening. Furthermore my ceramic knife manufacturer sharpens the knives for free when they become blunt.

Secondly, ceramic is a lightweight material unlike steel making kitchen work much easier. When the ceramic knife is in my hand, I do not feel like I am lifting anything. I am able to cut onions and garlic, and peel potatoes and fruits quickly since the weight does not weigh me down. At the end there is no sharp pain emanating from my wrist joint due to tiredness as it was before when I used steel knives.

Washing the kitchen knife is not a hard job anymore. With soap and water, the ceramic knife becomes clean within no time and it looks like a new knife.

Lastly, my steel knives used to rust a short time after buying forcing me to dispose some. I ended up spending more money on new knives hence increasing my expenditure. However, I observed that ceramic does not rust even if I leave it in water for the whole day.

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